Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Chocolate for sale

Ramadhan is just around the corner. Then we will celebrate Idul Fitri. That's why now everybody is competing to sell their "kuih raya", including myself.

Here, I got some tasty chocolates with various flavors for you to choose from. The price is so unbelievably cheap compared to its taste, quality and quantity. You'll never say no once you taste it for the first time, and for sure you will be craving for more!

For any reservation or inquiry, do call me at zero one two - 3 5 5 1 4 1 0 or email me at:
a y i e s a l @ h o t m a i l . c o m

50 pieces = RM15-00 -(Chocolate with peanuts filling and covered by crushed-peanuts)

50 pieces = RM15-00 - ( Wafer chocolate covered with variety of crushed-peanut flavors)

30 pieces = RM15-00 - (Almond or Hazel - up to you)

30 pieces = RM20-00 (Dairy milk chocolate - Hazel or Almond - up to you)

50 pieces = RM15-00 (Chocolate with raisin (kismis) filling)

Just give me a call or email for free delivery in Klang Valley area or self pick-up. Thanks for the interests...


Lia Sakinah said...

wah...dh berbisnes korg skrang... Sal ke yg buat coklat2 tu?

Oyis said...

cantik coklat2nya. kalo beli sayang plak nak mkn ehhe

FarinSazly said...

iskh iskhh....idak ler...kalau I yg tukang buatnye, gamaknyer x siap ler PhD nih :D

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