Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Ramadhan

To all Muslims arou
nd the world...

Happy Idul Fitri, please forgive all my faults and mistakes...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Remove printer on Windows 7

I have a problem. Once I used a printer "A" on my Windows 7. However, after upgrading to a new one, I wanted to removed printer "A" properties together with the driver from my laptop. However, no matter how many times I removed it, rebooted my laptop again, it seems like the printer reappears...

So, how to remove it? I found this solution online. Hopefully this will help us in the future.

Step by step:
  1. Click Start > Run > cmd.exe
  2. Right-click on cmd, "Run as Administrator"
  3. Run the printui tool: c:\Windows\system32>printui /s /t2
  4. Select the "installed printers drivers" that u hate and click Remove... If that doesn't work...
  5. Click Start > Run > Services.msc
  6. Locate the Print Spooler, right click > Stop
  7. Open folder c:\Windows\System32\spool\Printers (just click OK to access)
  8. Delete all the contents of that folder
  9. Locate the Print Spooler, right click > Start
  10. Back to step 3 and 4


Tadaaaaaa..... It really works for me and other computers that I work on that running on Windows 7. How about u guys?

Monday, August 08, 2011

Should have noticed it before

It has been few years back when I, my wife and friends graduated from our Master of Science degree from University Putra Malaysia. It was indeed a special and memorable day after struggling for quite sometimes during the studies. Those memories however faded throughout the years as life goes on.

However, as I click on the UPM Postgraduate student site last night to register for next semester subjects for my PhD studies, I was stunned...!!! Did you guys see something special below?

Look carefully on the picture under Admission Section, where potential student for Online Admission Application to School of Graduate Studies should go to. Look at the picture deeply...


It was the picture of my lovely wife Salfarina, and comrades Nurazlin, Nabil and Zaida from the class of 2006. Wow...!!! our memories were abruptly taken to a few years back. Thanks to the admin for the remembrance. Really appreciate it.

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