Monday, August 15, 2011

Remove printer on Windows 7

I have a problem. Once I used a printer "A" on my Windows 7. However, after upgrading to a new one, I wanted to removed printer "A" properties together with the driver from my laptop. However, no matter how many times I removed it, rebooted my laptop again, it seems like the printer reappears...

So, how to remove it? I found this solution online. Hopefully this will help us in the future.

Step by step:
  1. Click Start > Run > cmd.exe
  2. Right-click on cmd, "Run as Administrator"
  3. Run the printui tool: c:\Windows\system32>printui /s /t2
  4. Select the "installed printers drivers" that u hate and click Remove... If that doesn't work...
  5. Click Start > Run > Services.msc
  6. Locate the Print Spooler, right click > Stop
  7. Open folder c:\Windows\System32\spool\Printers (just click OK to access)
  8. Delete all the contents of that folder
  9. Locate the Print Spooler, right click > Start
  10. Back to step 3 and 4


Tadaaaaaa..... It really works for me and other computers that I work on that running on Windows 7. How about u guys?


Azeri said...

Nice sharing bro. Tak tau pulak Windows 7 tak boleh uninstall semua file untuk printer.
Boleh buat rujukan akan datang.Terima kasih.

Sazly Salfarina said...

Boleh sebenarnye, cume kadang2 kalau ade problem, kite kene try cara lain. Cara ni paling berkesan...

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