Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talents Profile Casting

Few weeks ago, we sent an email of our kids' profiles to Star Talents Agency in Damansara Utama. It was just for fun actually but who knows they might be TV stars one day? Then, last week I received an email from the agency to come for the TV commercial or print advertising casting . OMG...

We went to the agency for the talent profile casting. And guess what, they snapped like hundreds of pictures of my kids in various positions and styles. Wow...

Iman Raziq

Iman Nuryasmin

Iman Muhammad Riffqy (busy doing a clown face to make him smile, forgot to take his picture :(...)

At the end of the day, everyone was happy and so did the person in charged who was really satisfied with all the photos and videos taken. And now we just have to wait for their calls. Hopefully there will be at least one in the near future :D

Canteen Day 2011

Last Sunday my kids' school held a canteen day. Usually the main objective of the canteen day is to raise funds for the school. It was a brilliant idea indeed since not only the school managed to raise fund but at the same time everybody got to enjoy the day. Well I would really like to thank and congrats everybody that have involved with the event, especially the teachers who made the day happening!

Iman Nuryasmin did participated in one of the highlighted event, the "World Traditional Costume Contest" (pakaian beragam). With the Malay traditional "Kebaya", she did won the consolidation prize. Look at her, isn't she gorgeous...

Just look at her moves and styles, where did she learn all that?

Once again, congratulation for the great events... :D

Wedding of the Jedi

Marriage is not just a family relationship between a man and a women that are based on mercy and love, but it is also a relationship of a true partner, companion and a best friend for the rest of the day.

Actually, I just wanna share a special wedding ceremony that took part last week in Shah Alam, Selangor. A wedding that I would say, different from others and unique in our society. A wedding of my wife's nephew, with the theme... STAR WARS...

Sorry for the bad quality of the video and pictures. Still couldn't believe that I've forgotten to bring along my camera for this very unique wedding... :(
Enjoy the quality of some pictures taken using my Nokia E71 :)

Faces of 2011 Eid-Mubarak

It's been a very busy month of Syawal this year. With so many places and houses to visit, families and friends to meet, open-houses invitation to fulfill, thousands of variety of foods to eat, and forgiveness to implore from everybody. But most importantly, research that has to be ongoing... Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Thanks all for everything.

Here are some pictures taken during 1432 Syawal :D

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Installing eclipse on Ubuntu 10.04

Installing Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.04 is soo easy

1) From the terminal

Just type: sudo apt-get install eclipse
apt-get install eclips from the root

2) From Ubuntu Software Center (or Synaptic Package Manager)

Search for "eclipse" and click on install

Next, how to install eclipse CDT in ubuntu...

Due to no reason, I'm using Code::Blocks IDE instead of Eclipse. So guys, please look somewhere else on how to install eclipse CDT inubuntu. Sorry...
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