Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canteen Day 2011

Last Sunday my kids' school held a canteen day. Usually the main objective of the canteen day is to raise funds for the school. It was a brilliant idea indeed since not only the school managed to raise fund but at the same time everybody got to enjoy the day. Well I would really like to thank and congrats everybody that have involved with the event, especially the teachers who made the day happening!

Iman Nuryasmin did participated in one of the highlighted event, the "World Traditional Costume Contest" (pakaian beragam). With the Malay traditional "Kebaya", she did won the consolidation prize. Look at her, isn't she gorgeous...

Just look at her moves and styles, where did she learn all that?


Once again, congratulation for the great events... :D


Az Azrinudin Alidin said...

pergghhhhh...bergaya anak ko sazly, sal..tak kena umur tu..tu mesti ikut bapa tu


FarinSazly said...

a ah..aku pun rasa camtu..sah sah bkn ikut aku, aku kan pemalu orgnye :))

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