Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Congratulation Iman Raziq

Congratulations to my eldest son, Iman Raziq Bin Sazly for his brilliant performance on year two final exam recently. As a parent, I always hope that this achievement will drive him forward to achieve his dream to be a Medical Doctor one day.

As for Iman Nuryasmin Binti Sazly, you have also shown a very promising achievement. May your health condition not be a barrier to achieve your dream to become an academician one day.

And for my little one, Iman Muhammad Riffqy bin Sazly, your smile and laughter lights up our mood everyday. And now that your hidden talents are becoming more apparent day by day, we can't express how proud we are of you! 


Oyis said...

tahniah iman raziq. apa hidden talents baby riffqy tu? btw kak sal, u look so slim n menten lah. wa manyak jeles ooo

FarinSazly said...

hihi..mana ade la cik noris :) slim sbb asyik kena main kejar2 ngan si riff nih :P

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